Reviews and Testimonials

“Chris is the man!

When I first checked out Sol Systems for a couples massage, I was apprehensive about finding the right place for my girlfriend and I. I reached out to Chris and he assured me that discrimination based on my relationship status would never be a thing. Multiple massages since, it has never been an issue.

I always walk away feeling refreshed and pleased. He is a very attentive massage therapist, and his hour begins once you're on the table. After each massage, he gives me feedback about which parts of my body were the tightest and gives me suggestions on how to continue to stretch them.

I am a member of his program, and if you're considering a massage once a month, ask Chris about it.”

Kate F.

My fiancé and I have been there twice and have enjoyed our experiences.   Makes a great anniversary/birthday/couples event to do with your significant other.  Valentine's Day was a very hectic time and I waited for the last minute to set up a reservation. I advise you to plan ahead.

I would definitely say my second massage was a little bit better than my first. The first time I went I was very tired and been going non stop for the last three weeks.  I feel that contributed to my mood and not remembering that massage as well as the second one.  The second one was excellent.  I felt that it was a deeper massage, and that might be because I requested it the second time rather than first.

If I hadn't moved, I would go back.

Patrick C.

Chris at Sol System give the best deep tissue massage really targeting problem areas. I get a lot of lower back knots from sitting at a desk for a good part of the day, and he always gets those worked out. He is always able to pinpoint where my body needs the most work to get maximum benefit from my appointments. I am a regular client for many years and go for monthly appointments. I would highly recommend Sol System Massage.

James C.

I've been having massages with Chris for a while, but have not yet written a review since he moved, so I will today!

Fist of all, I have to say, Chris is a very accommodating individual! Whenever my husband and I need a massage, he usually makes room for us unless it's not humanly possible!

Second, he probably is one of the best massage therapists I've been to because many of the others do not have the strength to take out the tension in my neck and shoulders (I carry all my stress here obviously). He does really good deep tissue, but if that's too much you can ask to tone down a little!

Finally, Chris is a really friendly and nice person who does a great massage! My husband and I are going to come back for sure.

Kaai L.

Very happy with my massage today! Did a couples massage and found them via Yelp reviews.

Chris definitely had his work cut out with me as I am a long distance runner. He was shocked by how many knots I had in my body, and he did an amazing job of getting them all out!

We will definitely be returning as they did such an amazing job and we couldn't have asked for a better, more attentive massage therapist.

Our entire bodies thank you!!

Amanda F.

Chris does an amazing job at making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Where other shops charge you an hour but include the time it takes to dress and undress, Chris feels if you pay for an hour then you get an hour on the table. They also have a female masseuse.

Jeremy W.

Wyatt is the best at getting the knots to relax. I look forward to my massage Every time!

Linda W.

Had an absolutely fabulous experience at Sol System Massage! My husband and I got a couple's massage, and we both felt fantastic afterwards. Chris broke down the problem areas he noticed in my muscles and even gave me stretches. Would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for a decently-priced, high quality massage.

Chelsea T.

Just had a very relaxing and stress relieving massage from Chris! I look forward to my monthly visits. Best hands in Omaha! Thank You Chris!!

JillMarie F.