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The Ancient Art of Massage

The next time you call the spa to schedule an appointment with your massage therapist, consider this: you are continuing a tradition that dates back to at least 2,700 B.C. The ancient Chinese practiced the art of massage as they dealt with everything from labor pain to paralysis. That’s right, long before Lamaze became the […]

Massage Can Lift Depression

Depression affects 1 in 10 adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The condition can take a toll on the mind and body and is often difficult to treat. Researchers are constantly looking for ways to improve the symptoms associated with depression, which include fatigue, difficulty concentrating, aches, and feelings of hopelessness. […]

Massage Therapy Is in Demand for Professional Sports Teams

It’s not just the coaches and trainers helping athletes from the sidelines anymore, massage therapists are now joining the ranks. An increasing number of professional sports teams are adding a massage therapist to the payroll. What’s the benefit to having a trained masseuse on hand to treat an athlete? Here’s a quick look at a […]

Massage is a Whole Body Must

With few exceptions, everyone enjoys a massage. Since the beginnings of Eastern medicine thousands of years ago, care givers recognized the benefits of using touch and rubbing to generate feelings of wellbeing. The warmth of human touch can help to relax and comfort us, but there are deeper reasons that massage is good for the […]

A Massage for Mom

Instead of another fragrance on her vanity or a scarf she may never wear, give Mom a Mother’s Day gift she deserves: a soothing massage. Mothers are our first teachers, doctors, playmates, coaches and cheerleaders. With so many roles to play in our lives moms sometimes forget to take care of themselves. Let her know […]

Massage and Arthritis

An estimated 50 million Americans deal with some sort of arthritis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The condition, which causes inflammation and pain in joints, is predominately found in older generations but some children experience arthritis as well. There are a wide variety of treatments, which include medications, physical therapy and […]

Welcome in Spring with a Massage

When spring hits, people get the urge to do a bit of deep cleaning and decluttering in their homes. The same should be true for your body. Receiving a massage is the perfect way to slough off old winter skin and reset your body for a new, warmer season. If you haven’t had a massage […]

Beyond Relaxing: The Benefits of Massage

A massage can be pure bliss. From the touch of our hands, you’ll feel the tension drain from your body. However, a massage isn’t just about feeling pampered. A massage offers needed relief for several medical conditions. Can a massage help you? Read on to learn about the medical benefits of massage. Headaches Stress is […]

Gearing Up for Winter

Autumn marks a new beginning — Kids go back to school to start new classes, and new food begins to appear in the stores. Homeowners get the urge to deep clean and ready the house for storms and cold. Women turn over their wardrobes looking toward autumn fashions, and everyone begins to crave different foods. […]