Gearing Up for Winter

Autumn marks a new beginning — Kids go back to school to start new classes, and new food begins to appear in the stores. Homeowners get the urge to deep clean and ready the house for storms and cold. Women turn over their wardrobes looking toward autumn fashions, and everyone begins to crave different foods. Suddenly, that salad that seemed so nourishing during the summer holds no appeal. Our bodies know about the change of seasons from millennia of fine-tuning. They begin to load up on fats and carbs in preparation for the winter ahead. How will you survive winter’s freezing temperatures after the warmth of summer? Here are five easy tips to take you through the cold months:

  1. Find a Hot Spot
    Saunas and steam rooms go deep into the muscles, and warm your bones. At the same time you can renew your gym membership, and sign up for fall fitness classes.
  2. Line Up a Massage
    Utilize that set of magic fingers that will warm up your muscles and soothe your aching joints. We are here to help you feel more comfortable in your body and get your circulation in tip-top shape so that you are warmer in the winter.
  3. Smooth Away Central Heating Skin
    Circulating air can leave you feeling as dried up as a walnut shell. Take advantage of an exfoliating facial and rejuvenating skin masque to put the hydration back into your cells.
  4. Keep in Touch with Your Friends
    Summer is an easy time to have fun and connect with friends. But winters get busy with work and holidays. Plan time with your best buddies to catch up over a manicure and pedicure, or make a new friend by inviting a person you’d like to get to know better.
  5. When in Doubt, Toss It Out
    If you didn’t wear that blouse last year, put it into the charity bag to make space for something new in your life. Pull out your classic pieces and inspect them for dry cleaning, repairs, or alterations. Look at the fashion magazines and decide which pieces will combine well with the new fall lines, and which pieces were only good for one season. Organize your hanging clothes by color and style, and it will be easy to pull out matches in a hurry.

With good planning, you can smooth the transition between autumn and winter and set up healthy habits that will make the cold months more enjoyable and comfortable.